Message of Campus Chief

Dear Prospective Students,

The current trend marks growth in Media Sector and the job opportunities in different positions in Media and Information Technology are flourishing. It’s my pleasure to inform you that who aim to develop their career in Media and media industries need out to go that far to study. Shepherd College, a college of Media Technology, rendering our first class media education and professional services for students' satisfaction and excellence for more than a decade. Our faculty and career team are engaged to provide you with knowledge from versatile media concepts along with hands on learning experiences through our updated labs and centers. We believe students prosper in a dynamic environment and we assure you our faculty are the current Media leaders and professionals, whose experiences guide the students to become the next Media market makers. 

We will provide you with an interactive classroom, where every story is heard and every question is answered. We believe a career in Media doesn’t box people in but provides them with the freedom to explore the workings of other sectors. It is the voice, a true story, that you come up with, which not only helps you leave a mark in the lives of many, but create milestones for yourselves.You can rest assured that once a student at our college, we provide them with all round journalism skill set that spans from broadcasting to print and online as well. 

As we believe the best way to move forward is to help each other and overcome difficulties along the way with informed decisions, and teamwork. Our students will be able to reap the benefits of getting the best of available media resources in Nepal, which will surely help them network with the right people at the right time to land their dream job. Shepherd College understands your passion, your desire to give back to the community and your unwavering desire to land your dream job. We work together with you to make it possible. We help you define your path, get that job and become the next Media market leader. 

You are the generation of next media professionals and active journalist, the next TV star, the next media activist and the next media leader. And it's our responsibility, our full time job to help you excel. So come join us as we work together with you to strengthen and deepen our bonds and work towards upliftment of the Media industry. 

Come join us. 


Suresh Acharya, PhD
Campus Chief
Shepherd College
(College of Media Technology)

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