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In today’s world, where information and information technology are a huge part of our business and life, it is essential to know the workings of Media Information technology and Mass Communication to stay ahead in this competitive Media Market. Our college, Shepherd College of Media Technology, not only stands as the top notch Media education in Nepal but also with its experience of more than a decade has been able to impart media courses, journalism courses and mass communication study at affordable price to its students. 

Today the competition is fierce, the demand is high and in order to provide a competitive advantage to students we are situated in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. Kathmandu is a bustling city, where all the top notch corporate offices are located and the best news is we are situated in New Baneshwor, heart of the city. This helps our students to get in time to their workstation after classes. In fact, we have students, who are working full time in various organizations and faculty who are leaders in the Media market that make the classroom discussions insightful and lively. Our well equipped library gives you access to our online resources, archives, and course materials while simultaneously giving you access to numerous media books. These materials are accessible to our students with nominal charges. And the library can house around .. . students at a time. Our photography labs, Radio studio and video editing centers are up to date, which are open to students even after class hours so that they could enhance their skill set. We have numerous trainings and workshop programs as well as lectures from guest lecturers (prominent figures in Media Industry) that provide key insights, impart experiences in career in Media and help guide students. Our Alumni, the Market makers, are in different parts of the world at top levels working either full time or freelancing and living their lives in their own terms. 

In this fierce media market, it is our responsibility to provide students with best practical and theoretical knowledge together with great media insights. And our faculty and alumni have been guiding students all along to fulfill their dreams. Further, as we believe financial limitation must not be a barrier to media education, we have scholarships and hostel facility available at nominal rates to students from different parts of Nepal. 

Media and Information Technology is a global realm, where the individuals aren’t restricted to national or international boundaries but by their skills. And we at Stepherd work to help you reach your potential to its full extent.

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